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Strategy Wiki Activity

Note that content pages does not include LiquidThread activity (which is discussed below) or Proposals. Growth of content pages has been largely linear. Total number of contributors grew very slowly throughout Phase 2, but started to grow faster after Phase 2 was complete and Task Forces published their recommendations.

LiquidThreads Activity

This graph shows running means for LiquidThreads activity throughout and slightly past the task force process. The blue line shows the running average number of posts per day. The green line shows the running average number of contributors per day. As of February 7, 2010, this wiki is averaging about 31 posts/day and 12 contributors/day.

Discussion slowly ramped up throughout November and December 2009, peaking around December 21. This makes sense, given that Task Forces were expected to deliver their recommendations by January 12, 2010 (noted on the graph). Furthermore, the Task Forces got started at different times, and the ramp up time was relatively slow and gradual until about November.

A week after the January 12 task force deadline, there was a CentralNotice inviting Wikimedians to come and comment, which explains the sligh increase in activity. Note that the average number of contributors has remained relatively constant throughout the whole process.