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Meetings that discussed strategic planning.

August 18 : Cambridge, MA, USA

A discussing on the future of Wikipedia, with a nod to Wikimedia planning



  • what is wikipedia's future? what are major risks facing us?
  • how can we better recognize strengths and weaknesses?
  • where might we change the scope of the collective projects? [who else is furthering the same goals?]
  • how do they get belgium into belgian chocolate ice cream?

Whiteboard notes

Contribution - deletion impulse
		participation socialization
		notability , quality: who needs
					reads what

Structured cities - policy creation		City planning
	direct democracy
	organizers [x500?]

Open frontiers - free creation
	independence from oppressive norms
	How do we preserve these

Scope changes - Wiktionary impulse

Distribution v. Centralization - sharing namespaces / simple synch
		MediaWiki - sharing code priorities

Support for similar projects - Law: Bias (death panels) Debates (point-by-point)    debate, disputefinder

Barnstar scoring -> award them by bot svgs.

Ways to thrive.  Systemic bias.  Inspiration.  "Lack of features" is a feature.

Retention: visibility/graying

Talk page promotion

Motive: boredom, fame, credit, skill > analyze

"Report a problem/ask a question" button; how many open issues for this article?  Random issue!

"Benjamin's Law of Collab Discussion"
E (ex of 4chan) approaches 1