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Proposal:Add game-like features

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  1. Achieve continued growth in readership
  2. Focus on quality content
  3. Increase Participation
  4. Stabilize and improve the infrastructure
  5. Encourage Innovation


People like to collect things and respond well to collection-based incentives, even for abstract collections like "points" in games. The reward of "gaining points" is all it takes to get many people to enthusiastically apply themselves to tasks that might otherwise seem, well, pointless. Wikipedia should adapt elements of gaming to draw in new users, strategically encourage participation in important areas, and incentivize useful tasks. This would be a cross-project point system, which would also offer a way to introduce users from one project to other projects and give them a chance to learn the ropes when they first join.


Add an optional role-playing game style quest system to Wikimedia projects, where editors can earn points for completing specific "quests". Wikimedians would "level-up" after earning enough points.

Quests for new users:

  • Make an edit
  • Create a user page
  • Read the introductory page about wiki-markup, then wikify an article tagged as "wikify" (which could be assigned randomly)
  • Create an article
  • Add a free image to an article tagged as needing images
  • Take a photo and add it to a relevant article that currently lacks photos
  • Add a citation to support a passage labeled "citation needed"
  • Read the deletion policy page and then weigh in on a (randomly assigned) deletion discussion.
  • Read "What is a good article" page and then review a good article candidate
  • Upload a self-made educational image to Wikimedia Commons
  • Read and comment on a story on Wikinews
  • Clean up a Wiktionary entry that has been roughly transwikied from Wikipedia
  • Add a new definition to Wiktionary
  • Add alt text to pictures that currently lack descriptions for the visually impaired
  • Link an orphaned article into the pedia
  • etc

Many of those new user quests could also be offered to more experienced Wikimedians whenever backlogs build up

Longer term features for more experienced users could include:


We offer little guidance to new users, and little recognition for users who deal with important low-profile tasks. Some editors would respond well to the addition of gaming elements to Wikimedia projects.

Key Questions

  • Has the community sufficiently gotten over its self-perception as a bunch of nerds to go forward with something that might reinforce that perception?

Potential Costs

  • Development time. Could probably be done well by volunteers.
  • Gamer-nerd stigma.
    • Solution: "Choose your own adventure" style? Even the jocks like those. Worth looking in to.


Community Discussion

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