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A questionnaire-type contest where a person describes his/her interest and has a chance to win a customized DVD with only information about his/her interests on it.


This would be an idea for people other than impoverished schools and orphanges to have their own Wikipedia DVD so they don't tie the family Internet/phone line when wanting to access Wikipedia material.


Some people cannot afford high speed Internet access and be on Wikipedia all the time. Winning a special DVD with only the contest winner's personal interests will allow him or her to have a personalized Wikipedia without using the phone line (that may be in use).

Key Questions

  • Will this contest by valid or void in Canada?
  • How can we make this contest valid in Canada (the highest English-speaking penetration market)?

Potential Costs

time and money for people to create the customized DVD, advertising in forms of media, word of mouth, and shipping costs for all regions of the world


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