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We should designate articles with more than 500 total edits from non-bot users as "articles of historical importance" so that they can be rewarded for their heavily maintained status on English Wikipedia


There are articles with at least 501 or more edits from users other than bots. There should be a special symbol like a gold encyclopedia or a gold rocking chair that grants the article "historical Wikipedia status" and congratulates the users on maintaining an article for so long.


We need to celebrate the long-lasting articles so that more people will be encouraged to edit newer articles to this standard.

Key Questions

  • Do we use a gold, platinum, or diamond symbol to denote that the article is deemed to historical to Wikipedia readers and editors?
  • How do we differentiate articles that achieve this by being vandalism targets, articles subject to edit wars and articles that a lot of work has gone into?

Potential Costs

just time to come up with the symbol and the code for it


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