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Proposal:Endorse OpenDocument format or XWiki OfficeImporter

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Endorse OpenDocument format or XWiki OfficeImporter.


The OpenDocument format is the most important open standard format for word processing, presentations and graphics. The proposal is

  • to modify MediaWiki to support OpenDocument format in any way reasonably possible or
  • to integrate the XWiki OfficeImporter in order to allow import and conversion of office format into wiki format.


  • Allow people to edit articles and other resources with applications that support the OpenDocument format.

Key Questions


  • Can articles be submitted in OpenDocument format?
  • What other content is useful in OpenDocument format?
  • Which useful conversions can be done automatically?
  • In what way is the OpenDocument format conducive to free culture?


  • Would an XWiki with Office import be useful for article submission? The author of the article draft wouldn't have to be the editor adding it to Wikipedia because the article might have to be merged with older content and the conversion from Office format might require postprocessing.
  • Should new projects be given the choice between MediaWiki and XWiki with MediaWiki format and layout?
  • Would XWiki be a better CMS for Commons (Proposal:Get another CMS for Commons)?

Potential Costs


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