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While the Wikiversity community has shown an interest in promoting original research it has not been well supported with resources. What research has been promoted seems mostly to be research into content/market share etc. and while this is valid, it does not do anything to promote the Wikiversity as a center of learning. In fact Wikiversity is under-reported and under-represented in these planning documents. I think it is time for the wikimedia community to consider things like a peer review process, mentoring for research projects, and funding of projects that are not just about media in order to raise the profile of the wikiversity.


Raise funds, and encourage research projects, peer review, and research mentoring on Wikiversity


  • Increased Profile
  • Peer Review and Mentoring for Wikiversity members
  • Improved Quality of papers/articles/courseware
  • Opportunities for researchers without Academic Credit

Key Questions

  • Should Wikiversity be given a higher profile?
  • Would giving Wikiversity a higher profile take something away from the Pedia?
  • Would prestigious reviewers be available?
  • How much should Wikiversity promote Original Research?
  • Would Wikiversity publish peer reviewed journal/papers? How?

Potential Costs

  • Funding for research
  • Staffing for funding applications
  • Coordination with prestigious Universities for reviewers
  • Publishing Options


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