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Proposal:Hire Nikerabbit and Siebrand (Done)

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translatewiki tweet on 30 September 2009


Nikerabbit (Niklas Laxström) and Siebrand provide us with much if not most of our internationalisation and localisation technical support. They are volunteers but their output is already astounding. By hiring these two people AND by providing them with a budget for some external expertise, we would give our language support a big boost in the arm and we would ascertain that the current level of service for internationalisation and localisation can be maintained.


Provide a budget that is sufficient to hire Nikerabbit and Siebrand to concentrate more fully on multilingual and language technical support. As it is they only concentrate on whatever arises at translatewiki.net because this is already more than they can handle. With a budget that is more than enough to hire them both on an Full Time Equivalent (FTE) basis, they will sort out existing language issues and sort out the ones that have not even been reported.


Language support and internationalisation/localisation support are crucial to almost 50% of our traffic. There is a continuous need for proper language support and as it is we do not have the expertise to cover this properly. This support is handled most effectively by the people who know the subject and have been dealing with it most effectively in the last few years. This proposal will make it sustainable and ensure the continued service provision.

Key Questions

  • Is there a more cost effective way of dealing with this
    • The status quo is not good enough, the current workload is not really sustainable
    • There is a lot of internationalisation work that is currently not handled

Potential Costs

  • There are benefits and obvious costs, potential costs I do not see


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