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  5. Encourage Innovation.


With Imagemaps we could build a prototype of a Wiki for testing changes of the look of our Wikis.


One can build a static Wikilike system consisting of lots of imagemaps. Wikilinks are simulated by hyperlink areas. The images will be taken from a real Wiki.

If we want to develop a different skin or add a new software function the task is just to change the pictures and the place of the hyperlink areas. We even could do that in a Wiki (Wikimedia Laboratories) because the Extension:ImageMap is active in the Wikimedia Laboratories.

Such a prototype could be tested easily by Wikimedia editors. I hope that developing such an image map prototype will be easy and less expensive.


The purpose of this proposal is to develop a low-budget usability test for improvements of the software mediawiki, the skins or the content (e.g. help-pages). We could develop different versions by just changing some pictures and test which one is best.

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