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Proposal:Implement secret ballots (Done)

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The proposal has been archived because it is unquestionably done. This template should not be used when the outcome can be disputed.


Every wiki project that desires so should have the possibility to use a secret ballot system.


  • Give easier access to software that facilitates secret ballots.
  • Improve the existing software (Boardvote) or develop other software to this purpose.
  • Set up a central server that can be used for this.
  • Formulate rules on Meta regarding the usage of this software and server.


Self-evident: elections, especially when concerning the appointment of members of committees like an ArbCom, should be confidential. Reducing the possibilities for sheep voting improves both the voting process and the quality of its outcome.

Key Question

The principle that a vote regarding appointments should be confidential is many centuries old. It may at present be technically difficult to implement this on all Wikimedia projects, but is that a reason not to do so?

Potential Costs

  • Developer time
  • Server


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