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Why not create a WIKIPEDIA SERIES IN HARDCOVER? This is an expanded form of Proposal:Publish a collectors edition wikibreviated. However the proposals differ fundamentally in that this proposal is to print the whole thing, and that proposal is to print a concise subset - perhaps only taking a couple of shelves in a bookcase.


Make the Wiki into a book, come on has the old days really left us?


Reading, I love it, Knowledge is beautiful, and light in a computer hurts my eyes...

Key Questions


  • Wikipedia is many many times larger than any printed encyclopaedia, how many schools, libraries and eccentric Millionaires would have the space to hold such a large set of Books?
  • How much would each set cost to print, bearing in mind the very large number of volumes involved and the poor economics of printing when you have very short production runs?

Potential Costs

who knows, I think its more of a how much u can make?

  • the Britannica is struggling with a mass market product that has economy of scale in that a large proportion of households in the developed world could find space for it if they wanted to. Subsidising this so that major reference libraries could afford a copy would be expensive.


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