Proposal:Include Wikipedia articles about the race tracks for Gran Turismo 6

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    Wikipedia articles (about the race tracks) that are stored on the future PlayStation 3 video game Gran Turismo 6


    Having players know the history of the race course that they are using helps them to better appreciate the hard work the track has gone through in real life and the real-life records they could try to break in the game.


    Since it is too late to have this feature added on to Gran Turismo 5, we could start fresh with its sequel. I am assuming that there will still be a NASCAR license and a WRC license in Gran Turismo 6 so information about those tracks will be added also.

    Key Questions

    • How do we convert the information into code that the PlayStation 3 will understand?
    • Do we keep the links or turn the articles into plain text?
    • How do we write this information so that it is informative but doesn't disrupt the game value?

    Potential Costs

    Time and money for the programmers to integrate the race course articles into the game's text


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