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Add a way for readers to say the liked an article or they didn't


Add a way for readers to say the liked an article or they didn't. Easiest through something on the sidebar. Provide an overview of liked/disliked articles for editors.


a) Providing a quick & easy to use way for readers to signal problems with an article will help point where articles are not good. Providing a limited number of different opinions on the article makes it easier for readers to contribute with their opinion then when having to rate articles.

b) Getting feedback from the world outside the editing community on which articles are good will help motivate people.

Key Questions

Potential Costs

Implementation costs. A test could be easily done by putting 2 links into the sidebar that link to a script on toolserver that tracks the good&bad views.

The idea of an openly edited wiki is that if you don't like something you can improve it. If introduce an easy way to say you dislike something we risk diverting people away from improving articles to just saying they dislike them. So we the cost of this is that we lose a proportion of our good edits by newbies.


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