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    Whilst is an old fashioned British English word that has no place in a 21st century English encyclopedia.


    Most modern forms of media (including those from the United Kingdom) encourages people to use the word while instead of whilst because it is more modern and relevant with the modern generation.


    Whilst is too hard for younger people and North Americans to understand. If anyone is caught using whilst in their edit of an English Wikipedia article, they should be banned for 3-5 days.

    Key Questions

    • How do we get people to use while instead of whilst as they edit?
    • How will this have an impact in British as well as North American schools and users?
    • Is banning the best way to get people to stop using the word whilst?
    • Should there be informative discussions on not using the world whilst?
    • Should there be a 90-day grace period before the "whilst ban" comes into effect?

    Potential Costs

    nothing but the time to teach users to use while instead of whilst


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