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In order to reduce administrator power, and to make certain decisions more democratic, an x amount (or number) of administrators should be required to do an action. E.g. when a page has to be deleted, it could require 3 administrators to do so.


Add a feature where, for every possible administrator action possible on the wikipedia site, a minimal amount of administrators will be required (ranging from 1 to ...).

Whenever such an action is stumbled upon, the administrator that wants to take the action has to vote for the action he wants to make (e.g. deletion) and then ask other administrators to do the same, they can then e.g. vote to keep it, or to delete it as well. You could even make it such that there always needs to be an e.g. 2 administrator difference (so that not just a single administrator can make a difference.

The bigger the change, the more administrators might be required.


I've seen many people arguing about decisions made by administrators as well administrators with each other. This could make sure that actions are first discussed before any major action takes place.

Key Questions

- Q1. Is this a workable situation, e.g. when dealing with spam?

- Q2. Will administrators accept such a change?

- Q3. Does this create additional dimensions to the problems of sock puppetry and meat puppetry?

- Q4. Would quickly blocking bad admins (badmins) be easier?

- Q5. Is this a complex solution (requiring "3 of 5" admins to delete) for a simpler method?

Potential Costs

  • Resource: development
  • Extra admin time require for doublechecking and treble checking each others actions
  • Human cost in cyber bullying and consequent reputation cost as attack pages take longer to delete.



Thank you for reading this, -- 20:09, 22 September 2009 (UTC)

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