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Proposal:Use Geonotices on larger wikipedias to promote local language pedias

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When someone in the Punjab edits the English pedia or someone in Senegal edits the French pedia put a notice on their screen in the language of that area saying "would you like to also add this in Punjabi/Wolof etc".


Use geonotices based on geo location of IP to request editors to thank them for their work and ask if they would also like to add that in the local language.


Promote local language wikis

Key Questions

  • Need to get the right language or languages.
  • Don't do it too often
  • Have an explanation available to address people's privacy concerns - i.e. as you are editing from a computer in Wales we wondered if you might want to also add this info to the cymru wikipedia.

Potential Costs

Nominal IT cost


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