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    That a new wikipedia project be created, Wikipedia Junior or Junior Wikipedia which is age appropriate for a juvenile readership.


    A Wikipedia Junior suitable in content and writing for a pre-teen audience. The project would allow parents and schools to allow children to freely use wikipedia without the fear of coming across inappropriate content and without the need for censorship of the main wikipedia project. This would not be limited to articles related to sexuality but also subjects such as crime and war, which may also be inappropriate.

    The new project also offers an opportunity to create articles written in child accessible language.

    The project should use the flagged revisions system to avoid the inclusion of inappropriate content into a child friendly project.


    This proposal is motivated by the attempted purge of "sexual content" from Commons, one of the objections raised against such content, that a component of wikipedia's target audience are young children for whom sexual content is in appropriate. Although this proposal cannot address the issues with Commons, it can address the problem of children encountering sexually explicit content at Wikimedia's key project.

    Key Questions

    • What of Simple English Wikipedia, surely that fulfills the same purpose without the need of a new project.
    The aim of Simple English Wikipedia is to produce a resource which uses simple English and avoids jargon, such content is by its nature more readily understandable by children. It is also more readily understandable to adults for whom English is not a first language and as such there is no need avoid controversial issues.

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