Summary, overview and analysis of social marketing side outreach proposals

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    Articles and Proposals that expresses need of marketing side outreach are:

    Overview of available 'kind of' proposals

    1. Stupidity of increasingly smaller crowds expressess key concerns and questions.
      and to adress these concerns there are proposals like
      1. Proposal:Hire brand ambassadors,
      2. Proposal:Television, and also
      3. Proposal:Audio/visual Presentation Competition,
      4. Proposal:Wikischolarships
    2. Proposal:Funding of Free knowledge centers in poverty areas expresses and tries to find solution to social concern.
    3. Keeping others informed about present deelopments Proposal:Publicize reference desk services and article readership statistics
    4. Campaigns with purpose Proposal:A "be bold" campaign, Proposal:Audio/visual Presentation Competition, Proposal:Sponsor a "Wikipedia loves Threadless" design challenge
    5. Campaigns involving special categories of people Proposal:Involving older people
    6. Campaigns Make Wikipedia better known among ("smaller" languages)

    proposals analysis

    ratings analysis

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    difference between two aproaches

    Outreach term is very broad; Interactive content improvement programmes may be part of outreach, but academia may not be comfortable to be constituted themselves alongside deliberate promotional activities, directly. Let Advertising, motivating present editors for more or other projects, reaching out to new people to bring to become editors and outreach for promoting existing content go together not a problem. In former reachout to get content from experts and academia their usual attitude is I give you access and content and you type it/uplad it yourself. So, the later promotional activity does not work with this group well. Besides skill level requirement is slightly different in both respect; In former outreach one needs social advocacy/social networking skills and in the later one 'outreach' one needs promotional/social marketing skills. Why we need them in different categories because presently this single category is difficult to scan as per purpose; secondly, people will be giving rating differs - as per their perspective & prejudice and consideration to logical assessment gets diluted - as they favour social advocacy and content quality or promotion and marketing.