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Yes, I am beginning to remember when B9 was blocked, because of using "flowery" wording to explain concepts in the philosophy of Dharmic Traditions. I tried to defend and stop the indef-block, noting the extraordinary work done by B9 to explain highly complex topics, but they would not listen to a moderate position. It was as if they had said, yes, he explained Einstein's complex ideas in 15 articles, but he just used too many words over 4 syllables long. While B9 had written about Dharmic religion, rather than relativity theories, the restrictive responses were similar. When I tried to request more tolerance for allowing poetic terms in some articles, then I became the target, with a growing warning that if I persisted in trying to allow broader, open-minded thinking, then it "could only end badly" for me, as well. I stopped immediately, because I have been victimized enough to realize than when an admin decides to come after you, full force, then there is almost no hope because very few people are of the mind to defend against fascist attitudes. That is the power of fascism: when people see a pattern of continual executions, or indef-blocks, then they will all become too scared to resist. That is the reason it typically requires a revolution to stop fascist attitudes. It will not come from a "grass roots" change; it must be overcome from outside, by a higher level of management. Power can be limited by term limitations to stop the growth of abuse from long-term admins, by removing them from office. I see no problem with allowing poetic words in literary or philosophic articles. I say let someone write, "Hamlet (Prince of Denmark) was described by his detractors as a deeply demented Dane distracted by distorted delusions" (as long as that is not in the intro of an article). There is a severe double standard against poetic wording, because another article would be allowed to say, "Sea salt is a neutralized acidic-base crystalized compound typically constituted from reverse electrolysis generating NaCl via reagents from Na2CHO3 and iodides in hydrolized marine solutions subject to primordial conditions of Kelvin coefficients: G = f(x3) + yk + B-1, where k is the median reduction of inverse x within an Eigen-vector n-tuple". Sea salt can be described that way (in the first sentence of an article!), but merely say "deeply demented Dane" and people get indef-blocked. That is the double standard in English Wikipedia. -Wikid77 17:58, 14 March 2011, revised 16:33, 16 March 2011 (UTC)

17:59, 14 March 2011

I also remember when B9 was banned. All I'll say about that subject is not all Admins have "fascist attitudes", & some people are banned from Wikipedia for, believe it or not, good reasons.

22:31, 14 March 2011

I'm so sorry, but there are no innocent bystanders in a corrupt administration, much less honest administrators. Tertullian aphorizes: de contaminatis contaminamur (De spectaculis 8) - "polluted things pollute us." Please also explain why and if banning some people for good reasons from Wikipedia justifies banning all others for no reason whatsoever. Are you condoning "throwing away the baby with the bathwater"? Shouldn't you be concerned with defending the victims instead of whitewashing the death squad?


Virgilio A. P. Machado

03:26, 18 April 2011