Insisting no easy articles remain to write

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Many people have realized that there are thousands (perhaps millions?) of fun, easy articles which have not yet been written, including for the English Wikipedia (enWP). However, there are some people who, despite extensive evidence, seem to think all the easy articles have been created, "Wikipedia is done, and the fun stuff is over" (huh?). Plus, those people don't just think it's over; they absolutely, totally insist that there are, essentially, no easy articles left to write. The articles like "Orange juice" are done (created in 2002), so people must go to a "village in Africa" to get data to write about it. That viewpoint has a major problem: reality.

Using the enWP article "Orange juice" as a basis, I decided to run an extensive analysis of all similar articles, which took about 9 minutes to complete sufficient research: many easy articles are still needed. Of course, enWP already had "Apple juice" or "Cranberry juice" and "Clamato" from years ago. However, "Pineapple juice" is a mere redirect to "Pineapple" while other articles did not exist:

Conclusion of research: some people could have fun, all summer long, writing articles about juice drinks (and add photos), all summer.

There are many thousands (millions?) of fun, easy articles left to write. However, it is a bizarre illusion to imagine "all easy articles are done" (not yet), and very puzzling how some people utterly insist, "The fun articles are done– go away" to an African village to get data for another article.

05:20, 4 May 2011