New Users creating New Articles

    The thing is, most of the 'training material' might be suitable if one were training for a (paid) career, but we shouldn't self-limit Wikipedia to be the province of only those who can and want to do this as a full-time occupation. imo, trying to come up with a WYSIWYG interface misses the point - someone still has to know what it is they want to create. Which generally means seeing something in an existing article. So copy that article's code! The first thing on the to-do list should be to replace the current nonsense with useful descriptions for the hover-cursor messages in the wiki markup box. You may as well hang out a sign: We Hate Non-Nerds! and be done with it. Fix the obvious first instead of looking for endless ways to spend more money and time. This. Isn't. Rocket. Science. A few descriptions would solve the problem for 90% of the people. (I really can't believe no staff or Admin has ever noticed that. That tells you a lot, right there.)

    Flatterworld21:06, 12 March 2011