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A good plan would be to direct new users into the existing requests for new articles, such as en:WP:RequestedArticles, rather than have users creating so many articles about their favorite, rare people, which often fail en:WP:Notability and get deleted. There are some requests for a few more footballers and jockeys, but in the English Wikipedia, people have suggested having about 450,000 new titles, with just a few hundred being requests for more athletes. Similar sorted pages of requested-article lists could be developed for the other-language wikipedias.

On enWP, the structure of en:WP:RequestedArticles is a large "list of lists" which links to 400 sub-lists, each requesting specific article titles, with perhaps 1,035 articles requested in some of those sub-list pages. All together, including the obvious other articles which need to be created to support the requested articles, expect a total of 450,000 new articles. Hence, there is an enormous amount for new users to do, and it's not like there is no guidance; instead we already have a "plan for how to help" which was the main concern of 42% of readers in the November 2008 Wikimedia Survey. The hard work, needed to create those articles, is the research needed to find good sources, and explain what-the-heck some of those articles are about. For example, writing new article "en:Transposon tagging" in genetic engineering, requires a good introduction as to what the "tagging" means in relation to en:transposons. To speed the process in the other-language wikipedias, then the English lists could be quickly translated, and adapted to other languages, by deleting some requested articles from the sub-lists which are obviously inappropriate in some of the languages.

Each requested article often generates the titles for other new articles, as being the obvious support articles, such as new article "en:Fixed orbit" (as of electrons in the en:Bohr Atomic Model) led to the obvious "en:Stationary orbit" of satellites, along with major articles "en:Quantum physicist" and "en:Subatomic physics" (etc.). That is how a simple list of 100,000 new articles could lead to a million major articles, by focusing on the major concepts behind each new article. -Wikid77 16:31, 20 March 2011 (UTC)

Wikid7716:31, 20 March 2011

Oh, just try to add something as red link to an article and watch one of the regulars revert. Wikipedia is complete, no red links allowed. WP:RequestedArticles is an obscure list out of article space that 99.9% of the readers have no clue it even exists., 29 March 2011

Perhaps there some types of added redlinks which cause other editors to revert a change. I try to limit new redlinks to the most-obvious cases, usually for major topics such as "en:nursing pads" in breastfeeding, or en:string grammar in linguistics, or similar topics of major interest within a given subject area.

Wikid7705:37, 10 May 2011