Who has similar views? (Mandate Q3)

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Who holds similar views to the ones proposed? Who holds views that differ from the ones proposed? This might include non-profit organizations, corporations, and individuals with influential voices.

21:52, 4 December 2009

For Europe the organisation European Digital Rights (EDRi http://www.edri.org/) holds similar views. Yet their scope is broader. The question whether it would be appropriate for the WMF to become a member sent to the list of the chapters. So far no reactions. Perhaps some kind of agreement can be worked out that EDRi informs the Wikimedia community on issues relevant to our advocacy agenda.

See also the persons and organisations in my proposal on copyright.

10:56, 14 December 2009

Re: similar views, some names that leap to mind...

Copyright: Larry Lessig, Creative Commons Net neutrality: EFF, Omidyar Network

18:04, 14 December 2009