Mirrors inside China

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Actually the answer I got from him was 20Mbit, but it was written and he can have made a typo and I havn't had time to check with him. But he said the connection was "very fast" within China so it could be that his connection actually was that good. But I guess someone from China could give better details on this (Mountain?).

I also think that mirrors or caches could be a solution for many different countries if it is not to difficult to implement or too costly to maintain. Because at http://www.numion.com/YourSpeed3/Graphs.php the statistics seems to indicate that the "within country" speeds are at least twice the "outside country" speeds. And it is not uncommon that the "within" speed is several times higher than the "outside" speeds, some times more than 10 times. The statistics on the page is not complete and I'm not sure if any African country is listed at all. With the limmited amount of cables connected to Africa (increasing though), it is likely that the differences are even larger there.

01:18, 6 January 2010

Maybe continent caches or mirros would do. Find a couple of countries that fits the requirements and place the information there.

01:26, 6 January 2010

Dear Colleagues,

A few thoughts on Mirrors:

Mirrors. a) Connection Speed and Mirrors - For China and a few other counntries a domestic Mirror is a good idea both from editorial and speed of connection perspectives. Other countries where a Mirror might be useful could include but not be limited to Cuba and Vietnam. - Domestically China has high internet speeds. 20Mbps sounds entirely reasonable. Hong Kong has 5 times that at 100Mbps. - China had the world's 1st national optical fibre backbone and generally has high to very high speed connection within China. - Connection to foreign sites is often painfully slow due to the great firewall of China.

b) Issues Related to Establishing a Mirror in China - If Wikipedia is to give serious consideration to establishment of Mirrors in China I recommend formal advice both from a suitable expert. In my experience of this sort of thing one needs expert local guidance through the maze. I am unaware of the pitfalls involved to establish a Mirror but can imagine there could be a multitude of them.

02:02, 6 January 2010