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Hi, Sarah, thanks for notification. I used the template, and below are my feedback.

  • I was confused at the relationship between questions and strategies. In the template, it seems to suppose that 1 question vs. 1 strategy, but it is not true for our cases.
  • For the question part, we should add sections for analysis to make current situation clear. The analysis is not assertion in strategy, but maybe related.

I change the template a little, please refer it at Task_force/China_Task_Force/Recommendation.


05:53, 8 November 2009

The idea of the template is that you use it to explain your strategic recommendations. Not every questions that is listed for your task force requires a strategic recommendation. For example, you need to understand the underlying causes of Wikimedia's limited take off in China- but that answer is not a strategic recommendation and therefore there is no need to fill out the template. The template should only be filled out when you are making a recommendation for what wikimedia should do. Hope that ezplination makes things clearer

01:06, 9 November 2009