E-reader Functionality

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A dedicated Team could be set up to create Apps, Widgets and especially focus on providing e-reader functionality for the kindle and other upcoming e-readers. The E-readers like the kindle have been witnessing a very high growth rate, they represent a new avenue for Wikimedia, a strategic partnership with Amazon or other E-reader Manufacturers to provide an offline version of Wikipedia or even come preloaded with an offline version(with the ability to update) can be highly beneficial for the foundation. There are already similar projects out there, a similar proposal was also discussed earlier about offline versions [1] there is also a Wikireader out there that uses Wikipedia [2], I dont know if they have any official partnership or collaboration with the Foundation.

Also, The Foundation can pursue licensing deals and strategic partnerships with mobile operators across the world to provide licensing and support for Wikipedia Functionality on multiple platforms.

15:03, 15 December 2009