Financial Sustainability Task Force Question 3

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I originally wrote a proposal about a Wikipedia Fund that would be similar to an endowment. From the discussions, the largest concerns seems to be some legal hindrance of getting classified as an endowment fund and not being able to carry out the annual fund-raising activities as usual. I believe that people are getting caught in the minutia of the term and not considering the larger picture, it doesn't necessarily have to be classified as an endowment, a fund, a grant. The only requirement is for a large collection of donations accumulated over the years through different sources and activities managed by a third party in order to generate some return on the principal invested. The current fund-raising activities seem like a temporary fix, trying to outrun the cost and raise enough money to cover the bills from year to year, some people feel that this can go indefinitely I do not. The fund Doesn't necessarily have to be based in the US, Wikimedia has a worldwide presence at this point, there are many options available.

Other options like a separate smaller fund intended to cover only a part of the foundations cost like a technology fund- for Bandwidth or Hardware cost alone, also seems like a viable option, since it would cover the bare minimum required to keep the projects online, any other expense could still use regular fund-raising options like the annual fund-raising drives or benefits.

My old Proposal [1]

Theo1001119:23, 19 November 2009