Interview w/ John Lilly and Mitchell Baker

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I just noticed the way Mozilla foundation is structured, Mozilla corporation was founded as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2005. Mr. Lilly and Ms. Baker serve as the current and former CEO and Chairperson for the Corporation. It was created especially to handle revenue related operations, since the foundation as a Non-profit is limited in terms and amounts of revenues it can handle. The corporation however, as a taxable entity gave the foundation a high degree of freedom. they also made this public- Any profits made by the Mozilla Corporation will be invested back into the Mozilla project. There will be no shareholders, no stock options will be issued and no dividends will be paid. The Mozilla Corporation will not be floating on the stock market and it will be impossible for any company to take over or buy a stake in the subsidiary. The Mozilla Foundation will continue to own the Mozilla trademarks and other intellectual property and will license them to the Mozilla Corporation.

Can a similar structure for the Wikimedia Foundation be more flexible.

14:30, 11 December 2009