Some notes on earned income and Wikimedia Foundation

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There was an earlier thread on Village Pump, where Sue provided some information on earned income. I copied that information into earned income and Wikimedia Foundation.

A good early exercise for this Task Force would be to capture the current financial status for the Wikimedia movement as a whole, which would encompass data for Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Chapters. I'd encourage people to take on this task. It could be as simple as collecting links and summarizing information, at least for starters.

01:29, 10 December 2009

Hi Eekim, I went through all the material you linked to and created a page [1] with the links and the relevant information. Its not complete, so anyone please feel free to add to it and expand.

04:58, 10 December 2009

Beautiful. Thank you! Hope to see others jump in as well.

04:59, 10 December 2009

I'm afraid I probably edit conflicted you... sorry about that!

04:58, 10 December 2009