Most important questions

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The recommendation document right now consists of the following eight topics:

  • Fostering the open content movement.
  • Increasing the number of relevant articles in a region.
  • Translation of Wikimedia content.
  • Localization.
  • Can well established Wikipedias help smaller Wikipedias to grow?
  • Creating strong local communities.
  • Cooperation between different Wiki-projects at a meta.
  • Quality indicators.

Could the most important questions to address be the following?

  • Localization of templates and the mediawiki software. Including providing support for right to left script and characters of all languages.
  • Knowing what content is important for what regions and stimulating creation of such content.
  • Creating strong local communities.

I think there is ideas from all the eight topics above that can be incorporated into the solutions of the three later questions. I think the only topic that ain't well covered by these thre questions is translation of articles. Is translation of articles a good idea, maybe a small core of articles that are vital to get a wikipedia running? Or maybe a forth question could address how translation of articles can be simplified, not involving translation directly but how the responsibility of formating, linking and so forth can be taken away from the translator by providing some automated and userfriendlier interface for translation.

What are the strategies that helps solving these problems? Is it a good idea to pay developers to make the mediawiki software support every language, both characters and script direction. Can and should statistics about current hot topics in different regions automatically be collected from a number of sources and presented on some page. Maybe each languages wikipedia should have a page where such statistics is gathered about the given region.

21:49, 22 December 2009