senior editors and baseline quality

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Yes, that is a concern. The discussion focused on the goal of a baseline for quality, and the main agreement reached was to keep it simple. The criterium should be not-violating-NOR,-NPoV-or-V-policies.

However, there was not much discussion on how this should be set up. Personally I am very concerned that in areas where there is a strong bias (unitedly held by the owners of the WikiProject) it actually is pointless to hope that it is possible to mark articles as not meeting this baseline. The same forces that put in flaws, in the first place, will keep them from being marked. It tends to be a vicious circle. Perhaps somebody will have a bright idea on how to do this, but I have not seen one yet. - Brya 05:53, 20 January 2010 (UTC)

Brya05:53, 20 January 2010