Barriers to Quality at Wikipedia (and potentially other Wiki projects)

    Sue, yes, I would very much like edits, but if you would, I would like them, per my paragraph at the beginning of the post, to be in an ADDITIVE fashion vs. an overwrite fashion, as would be the norm for a wiki page. If you disagree with something, perhaps you could follow an outline format and add the information with a question mark after it so we know that it is a question or questioning a statement.

    Also, per my "Beginnings" thread, I would very much like a Wiki for this process, but again in an additive fashion, because I think we need a framework/outline to fill in.

    What I am looking for is a place to cull ALL ideas about a topic, whether they are all vetted/not vetted, and then have the bunch of us discuss them. If anyone has cites or wants to cite anything I have written, please feel free. If not, that is also fine. I dont have time to do this and I think much of what I wrote is common knowledge to a large esxtent. (A question: how seriously do we take information we know to be true but that isnt cited? that is also a question for Wikipedia in general.)

    If someone wants to make this a wiki, feel free, as long as it is clear up front that it is ADDITIVE. I just dont have time to learn how to create a wiki right now.

    I am glad you like it Sue. It was one of those "I went to sleep frustrated with this and woke up knowing I had to write a document" sort of moments.

    Bhneihouse18:46, 30 November 2009