Barriers to Quality at Wikipedia (and potentially other Wiki projects)

    Bhneihouse, this is really good :-) I'd like to add/elaborate/refine, but I'm not sure A) if you want people to edit this, and if you do B) how to do it in LT.

    More broadly, I have noticed we all seem to be using LT for everything -- discussions, but also "documents." I wonder if that's deliberate: I think non-LT wiki pages might be better suited to some kinds of work.

    Sue Gardner17:52, 30 November 2009

    FYI, you edit a post in LQT by hitting the "more" drop down arrow (next to reply) and selecting "Edit". It then changes the post status to "Edited by other users" and your edits are recorded in the post history.

    You're welcome to use new pages to edit documents, that don't have to be LQT based - we'd ask you to be sure they're linked from the task force page or a LQT discussion page so that it's transparent work. :)

    ~Philippe (WMF)18:08, 30 November 2009

    Sue, yes, I would very much like edits, but if you would, I would like them, per my paragraph at the beginning of the post, to be in an ADDITIVE fashion vs. an overwrite fashion, as would be the norm for a wiki page. If you disagree with something, perhaps you could follow an outline format and add the information with a question mark after it so we know that it is a question or questioning a statement.

    Also, per my "Beginnings" thread, I would very much like a Wiki for this process, but again in an additive fashion, because I think we need a framework/outline to fill in.

    What I am looking for is a place to cull ALL ideas about a topic, whether they are all vetted/not vetted, and then have the bunch of us discuss them. If anyone has cites or wants to cite anything I have written, please feel free. If not, that is also fine. I dont have time to do this and I think much of what I wrote is common knowledge to a large esxtent. (A question: how seriously do we take information we know to be true but that isnt cited? that is also a question for Wikipedia in general.)

    If someone wants to make this a wiki, feel free, as long as it is clear up front that it is ADDITIVE. I just dont have time to learn how to create a wiki right now.

    I am glad you like it Sue. It was one of those "I went to sleep frustrated with this and woke up knowing I had to write a document" sort of moments.

    Bhneihouse18:46, 30 November 2009