Gaps in recommendations: How to increase participation in under-represented group?

    Fragment of a discussion from Village pump/en

    Not only do Indians on the Internet all know English, but without English there would be no nation of India. There are hundreds of languages used in India. Amost all Indians know at least 2. Their local or traditional language and English. Without English most parts of India would not be able to communicate with other parts. Unlike nations where there are two or three languages and everyone can make an effort to learn those and thus communicate as a nation, India has too many languages for that. English is the linga Franca of India. This has become institutionalized for so long that the Indian version of English is developing into its own dialect. Ironically, there are many Englishmen or Americans who cannot easily understand Indian English. Fortunately for Wikipedia and the Internet, the written form of Indian English is much closer to other forms, however where there is a coming problem is with the greater use of audio and video on the Internet and soon I hope with Wikipedia. Even now there are U-Tube Indian English videos which non Indians have difficulty understanding the audio. It is on audio that the issue of Indian communications hangs.

    -- 20:10, 30 January 2010 (UTC), 30 January 2010