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From Strategic Planning

Take action!

It's time to translate words to action. For the past 10 months we've worked together to research and craft a strategic plan. The important next step is to put that plan to work, and that requires community-powered action. What will you commit to do?

If you are willing to:

  • Choose a proposal and commit to working on it, go to that proposals page and sign up!
    • There are hundreds of excellent proposals from members of the Wikimedia community that were submitted earlier in this process. These proposals should be an excellent point to begin working to help the projects.
  • To work on a concept that doesn't currently have any proposals around it and form a group to generate proposals or deep research, click here.

Proposals Dashboard

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Propose new ideas...

NOTES: -We need reporting behind how someone uses the "sign up" link
-Proposal pages need a section prepended or a sidebar added that makes them look like: this.