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This page is a small collection of technical notes, purposed towards making this "splendid UFO proposal" actually seem feasible, although not necessarily easy.

Technical notes

For now unreadable. If you think the text below is understandable but not readable for others, feel free to make constructive edits. Otherwise discuss the topic at this page's discussion, while wish lists and similar could be handled at the proposals discussion page.

Conversion scheme samples

TBD [DB 3D-poly + MAP fundamentals --> DB 2D-poly ; DB 2D-poly --> MAP coloring and setup --> SVG --> JPEG*].

3D to 2D projection of land polygons

TBD [1. find "horizon", remove backside nations, cut off nations partially on backside, 2. project 3D polyloop to 2D]. (Sounds easy, is tricky!)


TBD [Macros and such].


TBD [Mercator and some similar, and Lambert (conformal) conic (projection) seems to be most oftenly used].

Other proposals

The Proposal:Markup for charts and graphs is "technically" like a special case of Proposal:Markup for Maps, if using a simple "Mercator-to-Mercator projection" (factually no conversion) and if imagining "square countries running from south pole northwards", or "piechart countries on a round continent" and such compsci weird thinking that guarantees us compsciers very fastly gaining a nerd reputation.