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    To enhance Wikipedia Mobile, this page tracks the development of mobile browser apps dedicated for Wikipedia or Wikimedia projects and lists possibly required features. Also you can check the mobile access for Wikipedia at en:Help:Mobile_access.

    For the mobile strategy, it's required to follow those apps. Watching features of these apps. would be important for mobile device users. Mobile device would provide a convenient repository for internet isolated places. Also mobile devices users in connected world need new user experience for browsing and contributing Wikipedia.


    browser iOS Android Other platform Ad. Notes Link
    Wapedia X X WebOS X Proxy architecture
    Wikiamo X Permanent page cache
    Wikipedia Mobile X Wikimedia Foundation Official
    WikiTrend X shows you the Wikipedia pages that were most accessed over the last few hours, and those whose rankings have recently changed the most
    Simplepedia X formerly Handy Wiki, Find in page, Caching($Plus)
    Wikipanion X TOC, smart completion on search, boomark, history, Ogg vorbis audio playback, Caching and queuing ($Plus)
    iWIki X double tabs to full screen
    Respotter Wiki X summarizes spots from Flickr, Picasa, and Panoramio
    WikiRadar X Sister app. to City Maps 2Go

    Required features for Wikipedia Mobile

    • Searching for geotagged articles near your current location
    • Caching or queuing for off-line reading
    • Editing on the fly (fixing typo on the phone)
    • Administrators' tool (Twinkle on mobile)
    • User alert or tweet (Let me know this editor starts to edit)
    • Article or Liquidthread alert or tweet(Let me know this article changed or Liquidthread edited)