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Case studies/Apache

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Apache generally refers to one of two things:

  • The open source web server created in 1994. Wikimedia uses Apaches on its servers.
  • The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), founded in 1999.

ASF is a decentralized community of developers that produces open source software (including the web server) that satisfies a set of criteria. For example, projects must be mature and active.{{citation needed}} Membership is granted to those who are active in Apache projects.


ASF's model for accepting and shuttering projects may serve as a useful model for Wikimedia to consider.

To become an Apache project, people make proposals to the Incubator Project Management Committee (PMC). While under incubation, contributors sign paperwork authorizing that their work is released under an Apache open source license. The project must also demonstrate its ability to collaborate online and release code. Additionally, projects must show that there is no majority of core developers working for a single organization.[1]

ASF also has an attic. When projects have reached a level of inactivity, either due to lack of interest or maturity, they are moved into the attic.


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