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Case studies/Baidu and Hudong/Questionnaire on comparison/en

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In order to understand the Chinese online encyclopedia market better, we need to draft a questionnaire for a Chinese user survey on comparisons on Wikipedia, Baidu Baike and Hudong. After we set up the survey, we need to have users from Wikipedia, Baidu and Hudong communities to conduct the survey to get the unbiased opinions.

Since the questionnaire is targeted to Chinese readers, it was in Chinese.

Chinese online encyclopedia service use survey

You are the (multiple)

  • Chinese Wikipedia users
  • Baidu Encyclopedia Registered Users
  • Interactive Encyclopedia Registered Users

In Wikipedia, an interactive encyclopedia Wikipedia and Baidu, you read most often is which?

  • Wikipedia
  • Interactive Encyclopedia
  • Baidu Encyclopedia

You read the online encyclopedia's main objective?

  • you contribution needed

Have you ever been involved in editing Wikipedia entries?

  • Yes, the regular editor
  • Yes, occasionally editing
  • Have been involved in editing

Have you ever participated in an interactive encyclopedia Wikipedia's entry editor or Baidu?

  • Yes, the regular editor
  • Yes, occasionally editing
  • Have been involved in editing

You participate in Wikipedia, or Baidu interactive editing Wikipedia main objective?

  • Sharing knowledge
  • Add content to improve
  • Interest on the writing
  • Meet the Users
  • Self-sacrifice
  • Pure fun

Other (please specify)

Do you own blog, cited or link to Wikipedia's entry?

  • Yes, often quote or link
  • Yes, have been quoted or linked
  • No
  • I do not write a blog

When you need to know the knowledge of an entry, you usually practice

  • Search the English Wikipedia
  • Search Chinese Wikipedia
  • Search Baidu Encyclopedia
  • Search Interactive Encyclopedia

Please use the 1-10 were divided into Wikipedia, interactive content encyclopedia Wikipedia and Baidu to rate the quality of

  • Wikipedia
  • Interactive Encyclopedia
  • Baidu Encyclopedia

Have you ever participated in an interactive encyclopedia Wikipedia or Baidu's line activities?

  • Have participated in the Encyclopedia of the line interactive activities
  • Have participated in activities under the line Baidu Encyclopedia
  • Have participated in
  • Have not participated in

Do you think interactive encyclopedia Wikipedia and Baidu Encyclopedia advantages compared to where? (Multiple)

  • Quality of content better and more professional, more reliable source
  • Multiple language versions, you can read a more comprehensive
  • More neutral content
  • More stringent copyright controls
  • Entry format better
  • Classification is more detailed and reasonable
  • Other (please specify)

Do you think Chinese Wikipedia and Baidu Encyclopedia Interactive Encyclopedia and disadvantages compared to where? (Multiple)

  • Insufficient number of entries
  • Too few high-quality entries
  • Involved in editing entries in the threshold too high
  • The content authority is not enough
  • Simple lack of function of the Chinese people used to the forum
  • Other

What do you usually also often refer to the encyclopedia?

  • Encyclopedia of China
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Microsoft Encyclopedia
  • Other (please specify)

You in promoting the development of the Chinese Wikipedia have any suggestions? (Open question)

Your age range in which of the following?

  • 18
  • 18 to 25 years old
  • 25 years old 30 years old
  • 30 years old to 35 years
  • 35 years old

Your qualifications meet the following that project?

  • High school
  • Specialist
  • Undergraduate
  • Master
  • Dr.

You currently live in

  • Chinese mainland
  • Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
  • Overseas