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Community guidelines/mr

From Strategic Planning

This page documents basic समुदाय मार्गदर्शिका for this wiki.

  1. This is a wiki. You are encouraged to edit pages.
  2. Although this content is open and editable, this is also a 'safe space'. No ideas here are bad ones. If you disagree, make your case, but try not to flame or become agitated.
  3. Although we strive for an open decision-making environment, there may be times when decisions must be made by the convenors.
  4. There is no core set of project "rules" here; that is, we didn't import over all the rules from one of the other projects. This wiki is managed with the assumption that everyone here has a "clue" and will not forget and leave their "clue" somewhere else. Administrative actions (such as block and ban) could happen here. And I'm sure that vandalism will occur.

In general, this wiki operates under a golden rule, and assume good faith. Trust others to do what's right, and expect them to trust you to do what's right.