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From Strategic Planning

Our mission includes effective global dissemination of our projects and ideals.


How effective is our current work, compared to the ideals for which we are working? when we talk about education, empowerment, reach, content quality, and contributor engagement, how are we being effective - not simply


  • Metrics - what metrics do we have for effectiveness? What other metrics are used by sinmilar projects, and how can we make them apply to us? Where are we dedicating resources to analysis and feedback and where is more needed?
  • Opportunity cost - which opportunities are we actively pursuing, and which ones are we passing up for the moment?
  • Dissemination - how effective is our dissemination, beyond the number of participants and contributors? How does our short- and long-term impact and inspiration compare to our ideals?
  • Coordination - what is the ideal texture of coordination between Wikimedia projects and other educational / informational / empowering projects? Are we pursuing this coordination in addition to our internal goals for development as a movement?