Invest in cause of low penetration

    From Strategic Planning

    The Wikimedia Foundation could invest to address cause of low penetration:

    Lack of content in accessible language

    Reach out to local communities to recruit contributors for emerging Wikipedias “In African and Middle Eastern countries there are existing communities of people who are technically oriented. These are the people who have a natural affinity for Wikipedia and should be the focus of any outreach efforts” -Stephen King, Omidyar Network
    Example: Google and Wikimedia sponsored a Swahili article writing contest to spur the growth of the Swahili Wikipedia “Perhaps we need a mentoring network that help work with new contributors to support nascent Wikipedias” -Samuel KleinRead Interview, Wikimedia board member [1]

    Lack of culturally relevant content

    Example: Indian language Wikipedias have sponsored mini Wikipedia Academy style events focused on University students to increase contributions “Recently, we did a Wikipedia Academy in Mangalore India, It was attended by quite a few college students and the interest we could generate among them was amazing. One of the topics that came up actually was smaller town articles of India and we did publicly 'review' some of the articles for content accuracy etc. I am convinced that this is an effective way.” -India Task Force member [2]

    Lack of awareness of Wikipedia

    Encourage bloggers and local media to write articles about Wikipedia and how it works “I have friends who are involved with the mainstream media, and I think they would be open to writing a bit about what Wikipedia is and how it could be used . . That would be how I would go about increasing awareness of what Wikipedia does.”-Lova Rakotomalala, African blogger


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