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Sms – wikipedia Showing them the gateway that Intuit did Reading and contributing through Wikipedia SMS

Sms updates!? Adding articles when there's no geo articles Media uploads – what happens when problems uploading 2 apps proof of concept – Wikisnaps (techblog, jan or feb)

Threshold for what people will do on their mobile device

Media uploads ?

Threshold for types of Wikipedia activity (especially discussion) Grouping of articles – Tom's book reader example

Hot buttons, WYSIWIG on phone, editing tools – (check out blogging, WordPress). Touch Screen Vs. buttons – how hardware What sites/devices/activity in both languages Phones vs Tablets In Choice + Experience – add between types of mobile devices Browsers Vs. Apps – Choice (also from feedback on App pages)

2G vs. 3G: network's capabilities > device capabilities Device types – variance in 2G

Scalability vs Country Specific

What's the experience with specific carriers and on specific phones to get to Wikipedia

open zim?

Which types of contributions? Narrow down the list.

Contributions: content on Wikipedia

How Wikipedia could plug into existing mobile practices.

General Participation: Other interactions outside of Wikipedia ecosytem: Twitter, Facebook etc.

Tablets get data from quant, cover in qual in the US

Plug in Wikipedia with other existing mobile behaviors Saving articles offline Apart from personal info like photos. videos, what other content do they store on their phone.