From Strategic Planning

Methodology + Process

Quantitative Research: Conduct an initial Wikipedia Mobile Usage readership survey/market research to ground our basic understanding of how, where, and why our users are reading and editing with mobile devices. Including but not limited to: distribution of device types, density within key geographic locations, languages read and edited, frequency of usage and participation conducted on mobile (as compared to their PC usage and participation) - with Wikipedia as well as other properties, etc.

Qualitative Research: Parallel to the quantiative reserach, conduct ethnographic user research in the strategic locations identified (India, Brazil, USA). 50/50 Male/Female; Device distribution following survey; Language distribution following survey; 75/25 Bilingual (English) / Non-english (languages to include top 3 from each geographic locations i.e. Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada in India); 75/25 Readers/Editors. To understand the reading experience like across geographies and on different phones and platforms, the editing practices on mobile devices (if any), and map unmet needs of users (both reading and editing) to come up with new product features and innovations for mobile.

Jan - March 2011 Q3

  • Initiate both quantitative and qualitative work and contracts (RFP & review of firms/consultant)
  • Finalize contracts and kickoff both quantitative and qualitative work.

more research on non mobile users in langage serving areas like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Odissa, Bengive a realistoc meaning. Bexcause te rural travelling folklore, like vegetable sellers, milk vendors, woodcutters, fishermen and fiserwomen going into sea still are unaware of te benefits of various applications of mobile sets. Even oldage pensioners are also unaware of these benefits. In such cases simple applications linking te mobile sets to first 3 three users, i.e., first son a first daughter, and concerned Doctor can be manufactured and distributed as 3G ELDER GENERATION SETS. tHIS WILL WIDEN DATABASE OF MOBILE SETS, CORRESPONDING INCREASE OF RECHARGE COUPONS, INWARD INCREASE OF COMMERCIAL PUBLICITY REVENUE.

April - June 2011 Q4

  • Conduct Qualitative/Ethnographic research in India and Brazil
  • Conduct Quantitative work in 12+ countries/languages
  • Compile all assets from researach in India and Brazil
  • Complete final report for recommendations with complete work in India and Brazil
  • Initiate qualitative work in the US

July - Sept 2011 Q1

  • Conduct Qualitative/Ethnographic research in USA
  • Use Quantitative reserach to Identify new target geographies and initiate qualitative research there (if needed)
  • Complete additional report based on findings in the USA

Oct - Dec 2011 Q2

  • UX and Usability Testing of implemented Features
  • Qualitative/Ethnographic research in new geographies.

Jan - March 2012 Q3

  • UX and Usability Testing of implemented Features