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Movement roles/Emerging strategic priorities

From Strategic Planning

Potential strategic priorities that have emerged from task force discussions, interviews, and other research:

Clarify roles and responsibilities

Define and codify “must do” roles and responsibilities for the Board, Foundation, chapters, and volunteers. These could include . . .





From the a member of the TF - "We should assume that volunteers will perfom 99% of the movement's activities, and work on identifying the 1% that volunteers are either unable to do, or are unable to do without the help of the WMF or Chapters"

Create a chapters network/council

Create a representative council with some decision-making authority

  • Elected or appointed representation from chapters (and from unaffiliated volunteers?)
  • Works with Foundation to set global policies and strategic priorities and to oversee/coordinate collective initiatives and projects
  • Makes cross-project and cross-language decisions
  • Builds global culture and enables more consistent and constructive communication, collaboration, and best practice sharing

Invest in chapters to support reach and participation

Differentially invest in strengthening and creating chapters

  • Align resources with strategic priorities (e.g. reach, participation)
  • Strengthen/support existing under-developed chapters in high priority areas (e.g. through technical support, partnerships with stronger chapters)
  • Proactively seed new chapters in high priority areas if necessary (founded with Foundation/council resources)
  • Encourage strong chapters to take on expanded roles and responsibilities based on their unique strengths and positions

Build a global leadership team

Globally distribute movement leadership and responsibilities

  • Create small area offices in high priority areas (e.g. India)
  • Be strategic about who has a seat at the table (e.g. geographic diversity, developed vs. developing, net financials contributors vs. resource consumers)
  • Encourage/support travel (Foundation staff, council leadership, etc.)