From Strategic Planning

Omniture is a proprietary web analytics tool used widely by some of the biggest web sites in the world. The Analytics Task Force is evaluating it as a possible solution to Wikimedia's requirements.

Omniture's tool does the following:

  • Collects a wide variety of data, and allows you to manipulate and measure the data in various ways. Data includes:
    • Click paths
    • User behavior
  • Highly customizable reports with real-time notifications
  • An API for getting the data out of the system and publishing it in different forms

Integration on Wikimedia's end would be through a JavaScript include.

Omniture the company offers consulting services (both internally and through partners). Implementing requires a small in-house team of at least three people. An initial implementation typically takes 4-6 weeks.

Omniture anonymizes the data immediately and stores it on its servers. They do not mine or share the data, so their privacy policy should align (or is alignable) with Wikimedia's privacy policy.

Cost is based on data collected and stored. To lower the cost, you can either sample the data (with some flexibility to sample based on geolocation) or track specific functionality. The cost per data collected goes down for higher volumes of data.