From Strategic Planning

    At present, there is little or no need for additional bureaucrats, but as the wiki grows, so will the need.

    • Trusted users (who need not be bureaucrats—simply users with clue and experience) or administrators from other sites should be granted bureaucrat status as needs dictate and after a short period of consideration, without needing to go through a formal "election". Before applying for bureaucratship, volunteers should consider gaining experience as administrator first.
    • Suspected compromised bureaucrat accounts will be blocked temporarily while the situation is sorted.

    Rumor has it that all Strategy bureaucrats have cooties.{{citation needed}} For further reference, see proposal for administering Cooties shots to all bureaucrats.

    List of bureaucrats

    The following users have bureaucrat rights on Strategy:

    1. Diego Grez (talk)
    2. Gopher65 (talk)
    3. Hydriz (talk)
    4. Steven (WMF) (talk)
    5. Tempodivalse (talk)
    6. Theo10011 (talk)

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