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单独建立一个关于"中立性尚有争议"的条目的页面或内容 To build an independent page layout with content on controversially neutral items.


具体的措施也许可以是在某个页面上列出最近被列为“中立性尚有争议"的条目的页面,可以列出各个分类下"中立性受争议"条目的数量,以及在 被列为"中立性受争议”条目中列出有多少位编辑者加上此模版。 Specific measures could go as follow: The new emerging controversially neutral items should be listed on a certain page with specific classification and quantity, and the number of editor who has adopted this template in the list should be included as well.


一方面可以促进解决在某些条目中的中立性问题。另一方面,(我不知维基的工作人员现在是否有这样的数据)关于"中立性受争议"条目的各种数据 都可以让我们更好的理解中立性以及维基的意义。 On one hand, it facilitates the settlement on some controversially neutral items; on the other, (I am not sure whether the Wiki personnel have the data) All sorts of data on controversially neutral items will make us better understand neutrality and the meaning of Wiki.

补充;以上同样适用于其他有待改善的条目,例如需精通或熟悉本主题的专家参与编辑的条目,需补充更多可靠来源的条目等等。 The above method is the same with other items that need to be improved in the future, such as items involved participation and editing of experts proficient in or familiar with relevant topics, items complemented by more relaible sources and so on.





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