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尊重语言的民族感情 To respect the national sentiments of languages.


在有政治分歧的问题上,尊重语言使用者的民族感情,以此种语言的大多数使用者的想法为正统,而不是以外国意识形态为正统,可以列举其它看法,但必须指出它并不为此语言的多数使用者所承认。 On political divergences, the first priority is to respect the national sentiments of language users. The ideas from the majority if the language users is regarded as standards, instead of ideology of foreigners. Other points of view are allowed to demonstrate but it is necessary to point they are not admitted by the large number of the language users.


现在的维基百科,西方意识形态较严重。 The current Wikipedia reflects severe influence of western ideology.


平等对待不同民族的不同想法。 To view different ideas from different nationalities on equal base.


人力成本而已。 Cost of manpower



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