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    维基的浏览完全在本站进行,其影响范围具有一定局限,开放API 使得愿意展现维基内容的人可以在任意网站添加代码,推进维基的发展,能够吸引更多的人来到维基。丰富维基的展现形式。 另外可以增加维基百科的搜索代码。或是用户要展现的内容如自己所编辑的内容。自己收藏会推荐的内容,然后生产代码,使得用户可以应用在多个平台。

    en (google translation)
    Wiki site for browsing entirely carried out its sphere of influence has certain limitations, an open API allows the content of Wikipedia is willing to show people can add the code in any web site to promote the development of Wikipedia, to attract more people to come to Wikipedia. A rich display of the form of Wiki.
    Wikipedia also can increase (improve?) the search code. Or the user wants to display the content, such as his own editorial content. Her own collection and will recommend the content, and then the production code, and allows users can be applied to multiple platforms.



    en (google translation)
    Chen Daoyu available.



    en (google translation)
    Sharing the platform should open, open platform to better promote the sharing of values.


    API 代码生成,服务器维护

    en (google translation)
    API code generation, server maintenance



    en (google translation)
    API calls will increase the burden on the server, it is estimated to increase the server.


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